3 Ways To Have A More Earth-Friendly Wardrobe


Rag & Bone top and boots (via TJMaxx!) // H&M conscious collection pants // Free People vegan reversible tote // Karen Walker sunglasses (via Poshmark)

Happy Earth Day! Hope yours is fashionable and yet green at the same time. If you’re not into the idea of consciously shopping for things that contain soy, bamboo, and hemp, here are 3 ways you can unconsciously be eco-conscious:

1. Buy designs that are made from recycled materials.
Like the pants you see here from H&M’s Conscious Collection, the brand created a line of clothing that’s made from recycled materials. You can even donate your own pieces to be recycled and receive 15% your purchase.

2. Buy vegan-friendly goods.
While it’s tough to be a fashion lover these days and wear totally vegan clothing, there are easy ways you can incorporate these pieces into your wardrobe. This vegan tote from Free People looks and feels just like buttery leather, but you won’t feel guilty wearing it—especially when you see the price. Alternatively, why not check out some vegan shoes. You can see more vegan shoes here. As you can see, vegan doesn’t mean sacrificing practicality. Now you can run veganly run to work, which means you aren’t in the car either!

3. Shop on vintage / resale clothing or clothing swap sites.
When you buy things new, it’s not only hurting your bank account, but also the environment as well when you factor in the amount of waste and often poor factory conditions that goes into making a new garment.Try shopping on sites like SnobSwap, Bib & Tuck, and Poshmark (where I scored these second-hand Karen Walker sunnies for less than what’s in stores now).

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