Some may say “you couldn’t have moved at a more perfect time.” When I packed up 15 years of city living, while 8 months pregnant for a suburban town that, a month later, became the first epicenter of the pandemic in our country, I would have thought otherwise! Months later, I’m incredibly grateful to live here, as we all sheltered in place for more than I ever imagined we would have. It seems like we’ve lived here for years, yet not many people have actually seen our beautiful home. I usually prefer to shop small and/or sustainable, but that was often a challenge during the pandemic. We rented the house out for an advertising campaign shoot this summer, so it was a scramble. As with everything in 2020, VIRTUAL house tour of my new home is how most people will just have to see it for now.

I put together mood boards for the nursery, but otherwise, I just made purchases that fit with my aesthetic of “bright and airy meets bohemian meets 70’s polished,” kind of like my wardrobe. After years of living in cramped apartments, “uncluttered” and “organized” were two key things I wanted to stick to. It’s still a work in progress, but I’d love to hear what you guys think!


Here are the details from each room. Please note that I often use affiliate links, which I would appreciate if you use to shop with, as it rewards me with my hard work. Feel free to ask me if there’s anything I may have missed! Thank you! xLiz




CONSOLE, RUNNER, BENCH, TRAY, MIRROR: Marshalls / Homegoods   

STROLLER: Cybex (c/o)

CAR SEAT: Cybex (c/o)  

ART PRINT: Rebecca Handler Photography 

LIGHT FIXTURE: similar here  

DOOR MAT: Crate and Barrel


I got so lucky that I had a month of nesting before the lockdown and another additional month before the baby arrived, so for the first few weekends I made some epic trips to our local Marshall’s/Homegoods combo store to stock up on items to affordably decorate with. Even though the purchases were quick decisions, I have zero regrets about any of them because I stuck with my style in mind.



RUG: Nourison (c/o)

SOFA: similar here

BLACK & IVORY PILLOW: Nourison (c/o)

BLACK & WHITE PILLOW: Nourison (c/o)

LARGE BEIGE PILLOW: Nourison (c/o)



PAPER FLORAL ARRANGEMENT & VASE: customized by Paper Floral Co (c/o)


KID TABLE AND CHAIR SET: UrbanMod via Amazon


MIRROR: Wayfair


The living room is what sold me on the place because I spent years in NYC with a cramped living space, always in dark, ground floor apartments. This was so spacious and bright! I’ve always wanted a fireplace and mantle to decorate. I’m playing around with different decor all of the time for it, but I do love keeping things uncluttered here and the focal point on the over-sized mirror.




SECTIONAL: High Fashion Home


GRAY ZIG ZAG PILLOWS: Nourison  (other colors here) (c/o)

THROW BLANKET: Nourison (c/o)

RUG: Nourison (c/o)


METAL TRAY: Homegoods


This bonus room is one of the spots we love to spend the most time in, yet it’s the least furnished for the space. I ended up splurging on the sectional after years of my hubby complaining how I always pick pretty, but not the most comfortable furniture. It also sold me that it was made from Crypton fabric, which is the only non-toxic stain resistant fabric for furniture (a necessity with kids!).

I wanted to keep it light and bright, to enhance the three walls of windows, so everything is neutral. Even our media console (not pictured here, but shared here) brings in the same feel. I keep saying I want to add a plant in the corner and a breakfast nook / cafe table and chairs in the other corners, but alas, KIDS. Right now, it’s a playroom for the baby, so one day I’ll get there.


BAR STOOLS: Crate and Barrel  

PLANTER, TRAY: Marshalls/Homegoods


WINE RACK: similar here


PLAY KITCHEN: Teamson Kids

EASEL: Costzon

TOY BIN: Creative QT (c/o)

The kitchen is probably where we spend most of our time in this house and it’s such a treat after 15 years of tiny NYC kitchens to have the space to cook and entertain (not that we are doing that much these days).

The room was renovated right before we bought the house, so it’s in great shape, though not totally my taste. I’d love to update the cheap flooring (which is already warping!) and especially the backsplash and cabinet color, but they’re fine for now. One of the first purchases I made for the house were these stools, which we spend a lot of time on as a family.





TABLE / CHAIRS: old from a small shop in Brooklyn that closed, similar here and here

METAL CHAIR: similar here

SILVER WOOD CHAIR: found on the street and painted!

RUG: Nourison (c/o)

LIGHT FIXTURE: similar here and here

ART (BLUE): Homegoods

ART (FLOWERS): I painted!

BOUNCER: Cybex (c/o)

HIGH CHAIR: Cybex (c/o)

PAPER LEAVES: Paper Floral Co.






RACK: Amazon



RUG: Nourison (c/o)

DESK: Crate and Kids

CHAIR: Wayfair (similar here)

PAPER PEONY: Paper Floral Co. (c/o)

ART: Langley Fox (c/o)



BED: Crate and Barrel

BEDDING: Boll and Branch (c/o) & Amazon

RUG: West Elm and similar from Nourison

THROW PILLOW (on bed) and THROW BLANKET: West Elm via Rent The Runway (c/o, use code RTRLIZT for a discount)

THROW PILLOW (on chair): Nourison (similar here) (c/o)



PHOTO: Michelle Rose Photo

ROCKER: similar here

FOOT STOOL: Homegoods


Our bedroom is unfortunately an afterthought when it comes to our decor. It’s basically everything we had in our Brooklyn apartment, so I’m ready to redecorate, but we are making it work with an upgrade to our bedding for now.

The master is on the main level and is a suite with the office and bathroom, so while it must have turned off some buyers, it didn’t bother us because we had a similar set up in Brooklyn. I moved the rocker from my son’s room into this room so we have a quiet place to sit with the baby on this floor and I actually love it in here and my husband likes to throw his clothes on it too.

I would NOT recommend the rug I have in here—it shed for months and clogged my vacuum cleaner. It’s also not the softest, so I’m linking a similar rug that’s more affordable and will spare you that headache!





TEEPEE: Tazz Toys

RUG: found on Gilt, similar here

SUN LIGHT FIXTURE: From previous owner! Similar here



GLOBE: Crate and Kids

FAN: Vornado https://bit.ly/35EkKXJ

LAMP: Crate and Kids (similar here)

DRESSER: Crate and Kids (similar here)

BASKETS: Marshalls / Homegoods

SUN ART: Flower Home Kids by Drew Barrymore (c/o)


PIGGY BANK: Tiffany & Co

CUSTOM ROCKET SHIP BANNER: Love From Brooklyn (c/o)


DUVET: Sormag


My son’s room has to be one of the best and most complete rooms in the house. I’m so happy with how it turned out and he loves it too. It worked out perfectly that the previous owner left the sun light fixture for our space-themed room. This was the only room in the house I had to paint because it was yellow and purple (gross) and I much prefer this dreamy gray (Benjamin Moore Horizon), which is what we had in his room in our apartment.

My father was an aerospace engineer and worked on the lunar module, so he was kind enough to let me have the moon pictures that he had hanging in his office for my whole life, and I reframed them to fit the room better. My son now has an affinity for all things space and knows all of the planets and more!




BED: Beachcrest Home

RUG, BASKET, LAMP, NIGHTSTAND and DRESSER: All Marshalls/Homegoods

MIRROR: Olde Good Things


The guest room came together in basically one shopping trip to my favorite Marshalls/Homegoods locally. My mother-in-law was moving in with us temporarily when the baby arrived in April, so I had to get it done quickly (and affordably). There’s nothing like shopping under pressure and it was actually great to “style out” the room in one store. The bed was a quick game time decision as well, but it worked out perfectly and accommodates an extra guest with a trundle bed underneath. The mirror was my first big purchase with my husband when we moved in together over a decade ago!




BED: Target, similar here

BEDDING: Marshalls/Homegoods

LUMBAR PILLOW (ON BED): Nourison (c/o)

POUF: Nourison (c/o)

THROW BLANKET: Nourison (c/o)

SHEEPSKIN RUG: Nourison  (and in beige here) (c/o)


NIGHTSTAND: Little Seeds

DRESSER: Crate and Kids


LAMP, BASKET, CURTAINS: Marshalls/Homegoods


CHANGING BASKET: Bebe Bask (c/o)

DOLL: vintage (mine from when I was a kid!)

MIRROR: sold out, similar here

MOBILE AND BANNER: Love From Brooklyn

ROCKING CHAIR: Nurseryworks 

BOOK SHELVES: Amazon (sold out, but same size and style here)


The nursery came together rather quickly as well. It’s actually the original master bedroom, but we opted for the suite downstairs, so lucky for my daughter, she has the biggest room in the house. Not so lucky for her, she gets to share it with guests that stay over, because it’s the most comfortable bed (a Casper!) and room. The carpeting and light fixture came with the room and I may eventually change it out, but for now, it works.

I based the decor around our crib and therefore wanted to keep it white and bright, as it’s actually one of the darkest rooms in the house. I love how the pillows, throw, and sheepskin soften it all up, making it the coziest room in the house—and somehow we all gravitate towards spending time in there often.



Thanks for reading about my labor of love! Which is your favorite room in my virtual house tour??

Thank you to Nourison for partnering with me on this project! What I chose to feature and include is 100% my own choice.

It’s inevitable that trends will happen, even if we are all playing it safe at home. Trends usually stem from what’s going on in the world, so it’s no wonder that the Cottagecore trend is one of the biggest things in fashion right now. (Remember #normcore? This is like that but prettier).

Homespun fashions like tie dye had swept through Instagram in the beginning of the quarantine. While that has stuck around a bit, this new trend of #cottagecore has taken over. Women are now wearing nostalgic prints like liberty florals and gingham in effortless silhouettes. Without realizing it, I’ve gotten on board (moreso with florals than gingham personally). Gingham seems to be a perennial spring/summer trend and while I’ve worn it before, but florals are more my vibe.

I shared my insights as a style expert with Inside Edition recently—safely filmed at home—on why this is currently trending. Scroll down and check it out below. Have you gotten on board with this trend yet too?

Sweet Baby Jamie DRESS via Rent The Runway (use code RTRLIZT for discounts on all their memberships) | Ancient Greek SANDALS | Tiny Tags CUSTOM NECKLACE (c/o)


Sweet Baby Jamie JUMPSUIT via Rent The Runway (use code RTRLIZT for discounts on all their memberships) | Birkenstock SANDALS | Janessa Leone HAT


LoveShackFancy DRESS via Rent The Runway (use code RTRLIZT for discounts on all their memberships) | Miista SANDALS

On the baby: Monica + Andy TANK, BLOOMERS, and HEADBAND (all c/o) 


Liz Teich of The New York Stylist on Inside Edition: Gingham Trend / Swoon Talent Agency

How To Talk To Kids About Racism


As a mother, watching all of the targeted hatred and violence to those that are BIPOC, I want to take action. George Floyd was someone’s son. His daughter had to watch her father be a martyr. Breonna Taylor’s mother’s said she was consumed at the time for her daughter’s safety during the pandemic and not an unwarranted raid by police on an innocent person. The list goes on.

The BIPOC community is feeling fed up and angered and while I understand that I’ll never understand what it’s like to be black in America—I’m standing with them. I’ve spent the past few days not quite sure of the best way to support. I physically cannot participate in protests with a newborn at home and donating to organizations or signing petitions are a good start, but I want to do more.

It occurred to me that using my platforms to share more information to others is a form of protest, hopefully collectively leading to change and reform. An effective way we can overcome this in time, is by talking to our children—our future—about race, kindness and equality from an early age.

If you’re a parent too, teaching kindness within your communities and valuing diversity is all of our duty. Children are not racist by nature. Sure, they see differences in skin color, but racism and hatred is learned. Start those conversations NOW.

If you think it’s hard to talk to your kids, watch this video to really see how hard it is for a BIPOC parent to talk to their kids.



I have a toddler and we’ve been having these conversations recently, but have integrated diversity in our lives for as long as he was alive. IT IS NEVER TOO YOUNG TO TEACH YOUR CHILDREN ABOUT KINDNESS TO PEOPLE OF OTHER SKIN COLORS.

I’ve spent the past week or so trying to educate myself further to be a better mom to teach my son. My husband is an educator, always working in diverse communities, so he’s helped guide me where I’ve lacked in my knowledge on this topic. There’s no reason to feel guilty or shaming anyone for not knowing the right things to say or show.

Here are great ways to start introducing communication on diversity with your kids:


The best things you can do from a young age, is to LEAD by example.

Make it a point to say “hi,” be kind and converse with others that are BIPOC (not just your nanny that you see regularly, but people you encounter in life). Encourage and foster diverse friendships for them, and for you as well.


SHOW them books with kids / people with different cultures and skin colors and that also encourage to be nice to everyone.

Parents Magazine featured a great round up of books to teach your kids about race.

The Very Best Baby Stuff shared a list of books that champion kindness.

This book on being kind has been such a great way to teach kindness to your kids. (We’ve been reading it this past week and my son has been pointing out kind acts)!

You can also incorporate books that have main characters, especially other kids, that are black. Some of our favorites are The Snowy Day, Looking For Bongo and Abiyoyo.


WATCH TV with diversity and inclusion and TALK about what you watched.

This episode of Mr. Rogers almost cost him his career at a time when public pools were segregated, but he risked everything to air it and it’s so important to watch with your little ones. You can watch the full episode (number 1065) on PBS Kids.

Sesame Street also has some great episodes to watch, including this one which is one of my favorites, and will be airing a town hall discussing racism with kids age 2-6 this Saturday June 1.


LISTEN to music that spreads the message of getting along, kindness and equality. 

This song from Kid Nation gets the point across exactly.

Vered is one of my son’s favorite musicians to listen to, so he’ll definitely be listening to this song that teaches kids about race on Baby In Tune on repeat!


GIVE them dolls that have brown skin and let them know that even though they have different skin, they are people like them.

Barbie has come a long way since we were kids and now they make so many great dolls like this one with Vitiligo and natural hair.

Opal and Fig makes beautiful heirloom dolls in a variety of skin colors.

Misha & Puff even has FREE diverse paper dolls.

If your little one loves superheroes, consider buying this one from Wonder Crew.



This video from Chris Emdin is a great starting point to spark the conversations you are having your kids, no matter what age they are.


I’ve been trying to find resources for my pre-teen and teenager nephews and nieces to better understand everything to share with them, so I thought I’d include this list here as well. These are some great places to start:


Have them watch these videos on what it’s like to be black in this society and living in fear. This video from The Cut and this one from NY Times will put them in someone else’s shoes.


Talk to them about White Privilege so they understand what it is.

Don’t feel guilty, but understand what it is. This article breaks it down with examples and this is a great read with firsthand experiences on white privilege.


Make sure they know why they should NOT say “all lives matter.”

Have them read this piece explaining Black Lives Matter.


Give them the complete history.

Listen to the 1619 podcast together and discuss the episodes. 


Show them the activism in action.

If you can’t bring them to peaceful protests, don’t be afraid to show them what is on social media. Have them watch activists speak up like Tamika Mallory.


Here are some great IG accounts to follow as well:










Learn together why reform hasn’t happened in policing yet. 

Listen to The Daily podcast with them daily, especially this episode which explains this issue.


Learn why the pandemic has hit the BIPOC community more than any other.

This episode of Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show sums up why this fight needs to happen now more than ever (skip ahead to minute 5:30).


Teach them why all BIPOC are NOT supporting the looting and violent acts.

In fact, most are protesting peacefully. This is a great perspective.


Show them easy instant actions they can take. 

Click this link to automatically compose an email to the police for Justice for Floyd 

Text Floyd to 55156 to sign a petition demanding justice






Being a mama of a toddler and a newborn, I knew I needed something quick and easy to grab for a much needed energy boost, so that’s where my easy lactation cookie recipe – or as we’ve been calling, “Boobie Bites” – came in.

I also found out that my husband couldn’t be with me during my postpartum recovery after the birth (thanks Coronavirus pandemic!) and there would be less of a chance of finding something for my constant hunger as a breastfeeding mom. I brought these with me to the hospital and it got me through in between meals. Breastfeeding requires more calories than normal and I didn’t want to rely on the potentially not so nourishing or not organic snacks in the hospital.

I Googled lactation cookie ideas when I was 39 weeks pregnant and wanted something easy, healthy, that I didn’t have to bake or refrigerate and most importantly, had ingredients that were easy to get during this time. Everything had crazy ingredients in them that I never stock in my kitchen like brewers yeast, or had chocolate in them (I’d rather have the caffeine in my coffee!), so I came up with my own. I did use a lot of ingredients I was finding, especially flaxseed meal, which boosts milk supply.

I also included a little of my Motherlove More Milk Special Blend supplement (which has Fenugreek, one of the best ways to boost your milk supply, but is totally optional) which I always forget to take but will now!


Note that I double the recipe because my husband tends to sneak some—they’re THAT good and don’t have to necessarily have the purpose of producing more milk. Fenugreek has other benefits like lowering blood sugar levels, boosting testosterone and may also reduce cholesterol levels, lower inflammation, and help with appetite control. The bites are also great high protein energy boost for anyone. I finally perfected my lactation cookies and wanted to share them with you!






1 cup of rolled oats
1/2 cup almond butter
1/2 cup ground flaxseed
1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1/3 cup of honey
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup dried cranberry
2-4 droppers full of fenugreek or lactation supplement (optional)


Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl and mix. Then stir in wet ingredients. Use a mixer or inversion blender to get the mixture finer and then refrigerate for an hour. Use an ice cream scooper to form balls and pack them tightly. Makes about a dozen bites, but trust me, you’re going to want to double the recipe.



Enjoy and let me know what you guys think!


p.s. If you haven’t been following over on my Instagram or figured out yet, I had the baby! I’ll share more on that and my birth story with her soon, but here’s my first birth story to tie you over.