Stylista Manifesto

vintage Gooden baseball tee, Levis shorts (Urban Outfitters), Miz Mooz shoes, vintage Coach saddle bag, vintage braided belt, vintage sunnies, all jewelry by etc... or vintage, NEW iPAD! / photo by Josh Boccheciamp

I finally made it to my first Mets game at Citi Field last night and broke out my old Doc Gooden jersey (which was more like a nightgown when I used to wear it as a kid). Giving this old tee new life got me thinking how between the economic crisis we’re going through and just spending all of my money on my recent wedding, I need to get a little creative on my wardrobe!

Repeat after me:
-I will only purchase items that are things I will wear for years to come.
-I will focus on quality over quantity (no matter how good of a sale it is).
-I will give new life to my old clothes and donate what I probably will never wear again.

So, I took my father’s old braided belt that my husband thinks is kind of “dorky,” and have been wearing it like it’s been mine for years. (Guarantee you’ll be seeing that at J.Crew pretty soon).

The Coach saddle bag has been resurrected from around the same era as my tee and scored it for only $45 at a vintage boutique in the East Village.

Once the debt ceiling is all figured out, the recession is history, and my wedding/honeymoon/iPad are all paid off, maybe I’ll invest in my friend Rachel‘s Cambridge Satchel that I’ve been drooling over!

Cambridge Satchel in Yellow (http://www.cambridgesatchel.co.uk/)

xo DA

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