As a stylist, I have to wear many hats in my job. Many people think I just go shopping all of the time, which is only an aspect of my profession. Trust me, that’s not always the case—and it’s not as fun as it sounds to “schlep” all over the city with more bags you can carry.

When I’m not dressing models or mannequins, or making garments look good laying down, I often work on styling home goods too. If you’ve every seen my Brooklyn apartment, you can tell that I am passionate about curating a space.

I recently received these images from a home shoot I styled for the catalog, Plow & Hearth. It was a fun shoot in Virginia, where the company is based and I got to “play” in a gorgeous farm house and make it look like a cozy fall afternoon back in April, warming things up with a fire and even flowers in the background. There really is no place like home.