Photographer / Paul Wright
Stylist / Liz Teich
Hair / Christy McCabe
Makeup / Izzy Ruiz
Producer / Brandy Faling
Location / Dune Studios

You may remember some of the easy breezy bohemian pieces I wore in these posts and unfortunately I couldn’t tell you where to buy it just yet, but now I can at least direct you to where you can. I styled the look book for the new Chilean-based collection of clothing and accessories, Vagamundo, back in the fall and it’s finally out online.

The majority of the clothes in the store in Chile are handpicked from vendors and fabricators in India. According to Brandy, one half of the design duo, “We then specifically choose the fabrics for each design, make changes to the fit/sizing as appropriate for Chilean or American bodies, etc., sometimes make some design modifications, and then have the clothes made to our specification.”

They also have a section of vintage clothing to combine with the more ethnic clothing to create a complete “urban bohemian” feel, in addition to an “eco-fashion” section of clothes where they upcycle vintage pieces with fabrics that the owners find in their travels.

With beautiful and unique styles like these, it’s no wonder why I got snapped by a few street style photographers wearing one of their jumpsuits during New York Fashion Week in the fall!

The store and site have launched, but if you can’t make it all the way to Chile (sigh), then like their Facebook page and stay tuned for updates. Let them know if there’s anything you like here too!

Just a heads up, prices are too good that you’re going to want to own it all—trust me.




Vagamundo_Button Pant_ 070

Vagamondo_Kerala_ 094 copy

Vagamundo_Pant Poncho_ 031

Vagamundo_Pant Poncho_ 018