In lieu of my usual posts, I am posting a plea for everyone out there to please help my beloved home of NYC with some relief from the recent “superstorm,” Sandy by making a donation to the Red Cross.

I am pretty fortunate that in the aftermath, only my car took a hit by a fallen tree, but everything here in Brooklyn seems to be okay compared to the havoc in lower Manhattan and other low-lying areas. It pains me that it may take days—or maybe even weeks—for the city’s infrastructure to return to normal. The 108 year old subway system has been devastatingly flooded for the first time ever and may not be restored for up to 5 days, according to our mayor, Michael Bloomberg. At the same time, things could have been worse and the city was prepared. My neighborhood seems to be already getting back to life already.

Though, a photoshoot I was supposed to work on today got postponed and I can only hope that the city is restored soon so we can all get back to work. So much of the world—not just the fashion industry—depends on our little hub that is NYC, so please do anything you can to reach out to those here that are in need. At the very least, send your thoughts and prayers to those who need it.


A tree falls in Brooklyn…on my car.