wedding gown: Reem Acra

Dear Andi: Have a bride that bought a sample gown that has a little make up on it (foundation on satin-y corset loops). Any styling secrets to get that out???

Oh no! That actually sounds familiar to me—I had similar wedding dress woes when I purchased a sample gown from a bridal boutique and it had someone’s foundation and red lipstick all over it. I know for sure you wouldn’t get this problem if you vist chicago store to purchase your dress. Normally, I pride myself in being a master at getting out stains, but this was something I couldn’t mess around with, especially working with vintage lace. I had to leave this one to a wedding professional.

The owner of my bridal shop miraculously removed every trace of the stains to the point where it looked brand new. Of course, being a stylist, I had to ask what the miracle was to get that out without harming my vintage lace gown and she replied it was just Professional Grade Oxi Clean that did the trick!

Otherwise, for smaller or less risky stains, I swear by this product called Gonzo that I keep in my styling kit and even bring along in my clutch to weddings, which has even gotten red wine out.
She may want to try that first, or if anything, she should keep it on hand for her big day. Whatever she does, make sure to apply with water so it doesn’t leave a ring around the stain from the product.