Be The Best Dressed In Your Office + A Deal For My Readers

Be The Best Dressed In Your Office + A Deal For My Readers

April 1, 2014


I got my start in the fashion industry over a decade ago, working for the company Chaiken. It was also my first experience with realizing the importance of fit and tailoring of clothing. I began my internship there with quite an Ugly Betty moment, wearing probably a too tight poly-blend top and an unlined a-line skirt from maybe one of the mall stores like Express or Arden B. and carrying an over-sized kitschy tote with Frida Kahlo’s face on it. Looking back, the plastic Mexican tote wasn’t all that bad, but I definitely didn’t look polished.

A couple of months and a sample sale later, I came away with sophisticated tailored pants, a few well-made dresses and even a gorgeous Italian wool coat, most of which I still keep in my wardrobe rotation today, as you’ve seen recently here.

I learned the importance of tailoring and fit from the founder of Chaiken, Julie Chaiken, herself. She made it a point to not only bring in a fit model, but try on all of the designs on employees to see how the fit varied from person to person. I even tried on pants myself right after they were sewn. There was so much attention to detail and fit to the point that you couldn’t help but notice.

The line, which has been famous for their pants since the 90’s and then a successful ready-to-wear line, has recently re-launched and paired down to must-have, perfectly tailored staples for your wardrobe. Just as it’s always been, the details are key, but it’s now about your wardrobe essentials, from these pants that you would live in to the perfect blazer for work. No matter your shape or size, I guarantee these pieces will make your office to after-work wardrobe the most polished.

Get your essentials and insider discount by typing “LizsFriends” at checkout.



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