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It’s funny that as a stylist, I’m constantly asked about beauty advice just as much as my fashion advice.

Just the other night, when someone found out I was a fashion stylist by trade, they immediately asked, “so, what do you think the nail polish colors that are currently on trend?”

While I replied that I’m not as much of a beauty expert as much as one on fashion, I realized that I was still spewing out the colors that I thought were on point and that I work with so many hair and makeup artists in the industry that I learn new tricks and trends from every day. Just as I love learning from these experts, I also love discovering new beauty products and sharing it with everyone I know.

When CV Skinlabs recently sent me some of their new products, I was hesitant to try anything new on my skin, which I’m still dealing with breakouts from products that weren’t as good for my skin.

Then I read more into their line and was amazed by what I found—and was surprised that I haven’t come across these products on my photoshoots yet.

Emphasis on yet…

Much of the industry is just starting to get into more natural products, though I can’t tell you how many models that I see wipe off their faces right after a shoot because they don’t want all of the harsh products lingering on their faces.

CV Skinlabs products were founded after both the creator and her father battled cancer and sought out products that were non-toxic, while safe for extremely sensitive skin. After all, beauty is beyond skin deep. Just as what you ingest affects your skin, your skin actually absorbs what you put on it. Think about it. All of those chemicals you rub onto your face and body actually get into your bloodstream and can’t be good for you.

My favorite product in the line is the Restorative Skin Balm, which repairs burned, wounded or irritated skin. After working on back to back shoots the past few weeks, with lots of hands on work and little time for a manicure, not to mention freezing cold temperatures, my hands have been destroyed. They were actually cracking and my cuticles looked like they were shredding. It got so bad that I actually apologized to a model for my bad hands while she looked down as I was cutting a thread on her. Luckily these products came into my life just in time. I’ve been using the skin balm twice a day and now my hands are presentable—I saved myself $15 on a manicure and my hands actually stopped hurting.

The Body Repair Lotion also came in time for the cold weather we’ve had recently in NYC, which as a result, I’m starting to get bumps on my arms from the dryness. It absorbs right away and there’s no heavy or greasy feeling to it, so it’s perfect for my sensitive skin.

I have to be honest that I’m too nervous to try the Calming Moisture product on my face, as my skin is just clearing up, but I’ve tested it out on my neck this past week and so far so good. I probably wouldn’t have even done that if it weren’t for how gentle these products are for your skin. This is definitely one I will save for the next time my face is irritated, like from a microdermabrasion treatment.

BEAUTY TIP: Don’t forget about applying lotion to your hands and neck daily! Those are the first places that show signs of aging believe it or not—and there’s not much you can do about it other than prevention. When applying face lotion to your neck and face, make sure to go in an upwards motion and not to drag your skin. Your skin gets thinner as you get older and becomes more prone to damage like wrinkles and sagging (eek) if you pull on it. It’s always best to pat on your lotion as well.

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