patterned pant

Okay, so normally I don’t like drawing attention to my legs, as they’re my least favorite part, but there’s something so fun and slimming about these checked patterned J.Brand jeans.

Maybe it was because I was working on a shoot over the weekend that helped me get in my squat exercises, but I think I owe it to the ombré effect of the pattern and the two tone dark side, creating the illusion of my slender gams.

Whatever it was, I was loving it and how easy it was to pair with the effortless look over a boyfriend style chambray top.

arm candy

stacked metallic bracelets



top: Madewell / pants: J. Brand / shoes: Plenty by Tracy Reese (similar online) / bag: vintage (similar online)/ bracelets: etc… , E.Kammeyer, Twistband / lipcolor: Nars

STYLIST TIP: Whether you’re a guy or gal and you want to roll your sleeves in a neat, yet effortless way, try my “GQ Sleeve Roll”:

1. First fold your sleeve up once until the cuff touches your elbow.

2. Then cuff again and repeat until you get your desired roll. I like to leave a little of the edge of the cuff out, especially if there’s detailing on it. Otherwise you can keep going until you have a crisp roll.

3. Then flex those muscles.