Liz Teich invite on Bib and Tuck

What’s better than shopping from a stylist’s edited closet?

Swapping your clothes for new pieces from said closet!

That’s where Bib & Tuck comes in. You can essentially “bib” or sell your designer and unique pieces that are just taking up space in your closet and you can let someone else “tuck” them in exchange for virtual “bucks” that let you buy from other closets on there, including well edited ones from famous fashion designers, fashionable editors, designers, and even stylists. Basically it’s like a never-ending clothing swap with your most stylish friends.

Brilliant, right?

In my first week on there, I tucked a pair of Nanette Lepore culottes that I only wore once because I realized I’m not actually a size 0. I then got some bucks to score a pair of Lanvin sunglasses.

Picking up what I’m putting down here? Try it for yourself and start swapping with me.


Bib and Tuck featured closet Liz Teich

While you’re there, check it out…Bib & Tuck featured my closet this week and interviewed me on everything from my first crush to products I can’t live without.

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