If you read this blog and you’ve seen the awesome boho/ethnic inspired jewelry in places like the Free People catalogs and some major celebs, then chances are you’ve seen the gorgeous jewelry of Vanessa Mooney.

I was first introduced to her designs by fellow blogger and fashion lover, Justin of Munrowe, while pulling pieces for an editorial shoot, and I nearly died! Her line is exactly the style that I grew up with from my hippie mom. “Andi,” my mother who’s the namesake and inspiration of this blog, learned how to make jewelry from the Hopi Native Americans and that style is totally living on through the creations of Vanessa Mooney.

When I found out that the designer is coming out with a shoe line, my heart fluttered! Jewelry and shoes: a gal’s two loves. I had to spotlight the designer for my guest blogging on DNA’s site this week! I can’t wait for these easy breezy moccasins to debut so I can rock them with my VM jewelry.

xo DA

p.s. This is DEAR ANDI’s 100th post!

(Only a few more until Malcolm Gladwell’s 10000 hour rule is reached)!