Vogue cover circa 1940’s via Conde Nast

I remember coming across this Vogue cover back when I was an intern at a fashion company and studying graphic design at the same time. The image has stuck with me since. It was definitely was ahead of its time, with not only making a visually graphic image with minimal type, but it also showed the beauty of women being athletic and simultaneously looking good.

While styling athletes on a shoot for Reebok this week, I was blown away at how the female athletes managed to look great as they were breaking a sweat—and still smiling. Somehow they even managed to be conscious of the wardrobe (tugging down on the shirts, moving the hair away from the logo), which was the focus of the shoot of course.

Unlike the women on the shoot, the male athletes looked like they were in pain the whole time and I seemed to have to keep an eye on their wardrobe the most, which I ended up basically taping them into.

Not to be all Spice Girls on you, but um, girl power!