Kaylee Tankus coat; Ann Taylor LOFT tuxedo blazer; JSDNYC by Jennifer Stewart custom sweater (JSDNYC.com); San and Soni pants (SanandSoni.com); Nine West shoes; Betsey Johnson sheer sparkle socks; etc… braided watchband cuff; vintage bag, gloves, hat, pin, and stretch rhinestone bracelet.    /    photos by Joshua Boccheciamp

I always seem to forget that I live in the style bubble that is NYC—where we tend to dress up to go to the grocery store.

So this Christmas Eve, I was probably overdressed/wearing too much black/looking like an urbanite that evening, but at least my pops of deep reds and sparkly jewelry brought festive spirit to my look.

New Years Style Resolution 2012: More color in my wardrobe.

Have you made yours yet?

xo DA