Chaiken coat; Madewell “vintage rocker” jeans (Madewell); vintage hat and scarf; SHIH bag; Camper booties (DNA Footwear); TopShop driving gloves (similar on; etc… braided watchband bracelet.   /  Photos by Joshua Boccheciamp

Happy first official day of winter!

This whole not-freezing-cold-temperatures-in-December thing really throwing me off, but I guess I can’t complain. I am, however, disappointed that all of my new winter gear will have to wait a while between this “heat wave” and my upcoming trip to LA for work!

I’ll take any chance I have to wear a chic pair of gloves (like these classic and affordable TopShop ones), an effortlessly stylish scarf (even in the warmer months) and of course, a cool hat, like this one from WWII, to top it off.

xo DA