Kiel Mead "Forget Me Knot" ring in Sterling Silver / Photo by Joshua Boccheciamp
Forget Me Knot rings by Kiel Mead
His & Her Heart Necklaces by Kiel Mead

If you know me, you know I’m kind of obsessed with jewelry. My mother (“Andi”) was a jewelry designer and now I’ve been dabbling in it for the past 5 years. So when it came to finding jewelry as gifts for my two sisters, who were bridesmaids at my wedding, it was a tough search.

I ended up getting these cute little “forget me knot” rings , a signature item of the NYC based designer, Kiel Mead .  I love that I can wear it and know that we all have little reminders that no matter how far away we all are, we still have each other. I’m a sucker for jewelry with meaning (especially when it’s affordable). Bonus: It’s so simple that I can wear it every day with as much jewelry as I want to pile on (sorry Coco Chanel).

Now I’m drooling over the new “His & Her Heart” necklaces he recently launched on Uncommon Goods this year. Though, I wonder if my “his” would actually ever WEAR my heart. Thoughts?

If not, I wouldn’t mind one of Mead’s playful takes on jewelry, utilizing cheeky objects such as chewing gum, retainers, and those lanyard things we all used to make in camp. Brings me back to 1994.

xo DA

p.s. As promised, my update on my first ever gel manicure from Dashing Diva: exactly 10 days later…only 6 nails in tact.