#FridayFavorites / The PERFECT Accessory

#FridayFavorites / The PERFECT Accessory

June 28, 2013


Is it too dramatic to say these headphones may have changed my life? Well, they have. These Coloud headphones just arrived yesterday and I’ve been attached to them already after having some bad breakups with headphones over the years.

There was the ex-headphones that get into such a tangled mess that I spend more time fussing with them than actually using them. Then there were the headphones that the ear buds popped off and got lost so many times that I couldn’t handle it. Most recently there were the ones that shorted out on a Jet Blue flight and left me with only one ear to listen out of.

Finally the prince charming of headphones has come into my life. The flat wire design makes it great to throw in my bag and not worry about it tangling—and they even can be wrapped and secured into that triangle “lasso” to keep them neat.

The ear buds are incredibly comfortable and tune out all of the sounds around you which is great until I was so tuned into a story on “This American Life” on the subway that I nearly missed my stop last night! There are a ton of other features like that 1-click microphone that’s perfect for all of my conference calls on the iPhone.

Of course the bonus is that they’re pretty fashionable and stylist-approved!

Twistband peace headband on Dear Andi

I’m a big fan of Twistband hair ties, which are so much better to have on your wrist than a drugstore hair band and don’t rip your hair out at the same time. So when a set of Twistband headbands arrived in a package yesterday, I was ecstatic.

I do a lot of yoga and in the past couple of years having bangs, it’s been kind of a nuisance. If I put a clip at the top of my head, I can’t do a headstand. I’ve had other headbands slip off mid-vinyasa. These bands are the perfect—most importantly stylish—solution to keeping my hair back while I’m working out. They also don’t put a dent in your hair when you take them off, so they won’t put a dent in your day!

An added bonus to this design is the adorable peace charm they added. Now I’ll be totally peacefully zen and stylish in my next yoga class.


When I met with the jewelry designer April Soderstrom last week, she showed me hear new “featherweight” earring collection. It’s essentially 14 kt gold filled wire made into hoop earrings, but there’s something so chic about the simplicity of these “fish” earrings that slip into your ears without any fuss.

They’re so light that I’ve forgotten that I had them in when I was wearing them and they’re so delicate that they were the perfect jewelry to complement a designers dress I wore to an event last night without distracting from it. These are really the perfect every day and any occasion earrings that every woman should have in her jewelry ammo.


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