How To Pack For A Weekend Getaway With These 10 Essentials

How To Pack For A Summer Weekend Getaway


I’m traveling a lot this summer and need quick go-to ideas for packing minimally and efficiently. Any ideas??

-Kate, NY

Dear Kate,

I’m in the same boat (no pun intended) and always feel like I need to pack everything…just in case! That’s why I always try to travel with items that play double duty.

1. This one piece swimsuit is not only adorable and totally on trend (yes, one pieces are in!), but it can double as a top if you throw a skirt or shorts over it.

2. A bag you can take from day to night is a must like this clutch.

3. I rarely travel on vacation without a hat because you can block the sun and can give you instantly a good hair day. This classic panama hat is both stylish and affordable.

4. Obviously you will need a weekend bag to carry everything, but it’s always a bonus when it can also be used as a beach tote, carry-on or even for a major shopping trip.

5. Sunglasses are an obvious thing to pack, but a classic aviator style pair of sunglasses  goes with everything and when you have a fun twist like colored lenses, it looks updated.

6. A jumpsuit can be worn from day to night with the change of shoes and a bag, but most importantly, it’s one piece to pack and you don’t have to think about matching it.

7. You’ll probably need to pack a beach towel and this one doubles as a beach blanket and scarf.

8. This hair styling product isn’t a double duty as much as it’s an effortless way to get great summery beach hair!

9. Like it’s grown up relative the jumpsuit, the romper is a great way to pack a day-time outfit without a thought, plus it also works as a beach coverup.

10. Sandals like these can be worn from day to night so it will save quite a bit of room in your bag.

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