jacket: Kaylee Tankus // scarf: Zara (similar online) // bag: c/o Alexander Wang // hat: c/o Tracy Watts // top: James Perse via Marshalls // jeans: J.Crew // sunglasses: Karen Walker // earrings: Tom Binns  // boots: Dolce Vita // nail polish: c/o Julep

As you can probably tell by now, I’m a hat person. I wasn’t always that way, but I realized over the years both in my own style and on shoots how they just complete an outfit and make you look so effortlessly polished.

I’ve been obsessing over the Brooklyn-based hat line, Tracy Watts, as everything is classic yet has a little something that makes it special. Like the leather cap I wore during fashion week, these beautifully hand made hats get noticed.

I’ve met the designer, Tracy, numerous times and never actually seen her in a hat, but she did give me this amazing hat tip:

If the hat is slightly too big on you and you love it (like this hat for me!), Tracy said you can use the same foam tape that you would use to insulate your windows to keep it from slipping off.

Here are my STYLIST TIPS to wearing a hat:

DO always take a lint roller to your hat to make sure it looks clean and lint-free and steam it if needed

DON’T match your hat exactly to your outfit (ie, black leather hat with black leather jacket)

DO wear a wide-brimmed hat with hair that has some wave or body to it

DON’T store your hat without either other hats or tissue paper inside of it to keep its shape

DO angle a wide brimmed hat slightly to one side so it doesn’t overwhelm your face

DON’T wear a straw, linen, or lightweight hat in winter and don’t wear a wool hat in the summer. Keep them seasonal.

DO keep the outfit and accessories simple if you top it off with a hat

DON’T wear a hat that resembles anything from a cartoon (take note Pharell)