top: Stella McCartney for Adidas (old, similar online) / sports bra: Old Navy (similar online) / pants: at T.J.Maxx / sneakers: Brooks / headband: c/o Twistband / headphones: c/o Coloud

Workout clothes are probably less of a focus in my wardrobe. I have a drawer that all of my athletic wear, which isn’t much, literally gets thrown into (no thanks to my cat, who for some reason loves to tear everything out of the drawer weekly).

I will say aside from my beloved Lululemon pants, these are my favorite workout wardrobe staples—even if this yogi is easing into running with the “From Couch To 5K” app:

Anything Stella McCartney for Adidas.
Her designs take function  (wicks away sweat) and style (hello, mesh panels!) and marries them nicely for every bit of the collection. Who said workout wear has to be boring in black?

Workout gear from T.J.Maxx.
The running pants you see here are my favorites because they’re breathable and they have an inside pocket for my keys and they’re probably a fraction of the price of the average running pant. I like to wash my workout clothes after every wear, so I can’t spend a lot on things that won’t last too long.

Brooks running sneakers.I got fitted for sneakers from the running shop, JackRabbit, and they recommended these for my feet. They’re also reasonably priced and while they have no frills, they feel great on my feet. Fancy sneakers are for show—make sure you have something that works well for your feet.

Twistband Headbands.I’ve been obsessed with these since getting bangs and the dilemma of having hair in my face while working out. The best part is that my bangs look totally normal post-run.

Coloud Headphones. These aren’t made for running, but they block out everything around me so I get in a zone. I also never get them tangled thanks to their flat design and they come in a bunch of colors—so of course I can coordinate with my workout wear.