I’ve been away from home for the past week, working on a shoot in Boston and for a weekend getaway in Maine. These are just some of the behind-the-scenes of my week:

1 – What the front of a mannequin may look like when you’re photographing the back. #Insta-Tailor

2 – This is what I spend last weekend doing. I know you’re jealous.

3 – Shopping spree at TJMaxx. Too bad none of it was for me.

4 – Dinner at Lucky’s in Boston with the talented Lana Soussan of GYPSIES + DEBUTANTES (spotted on DAILYCANDY today!). I now have arm candy envy.

5 – My new swimwear c/o K.BELO–too bad it was too cold to wear this weekend in Maine!

6 – So much for a boat ride.

7 – The perfect lobster dinner for a gal with a severe shellfish allergy.

8 – I could get used to this kind of life…now back to the reality of a city girl.