H&M dress (similar) and snake bracelet; Under.ligne by Doo.Ri vest (Barney’s Warehouse Sale); American Apparel tights; Vince Camuto booties (similar); Scala hat (similar); vintage bag (Gypsy Nation); etc… coin ring and watchband bracelets; Alex & Ani bangle charm bracelets; all other jewelry, vintage.

It’s that time again kiddies…The Barney’s Warehouse Sale in NY! If you’re lucky enough to be in the NY or LA area during one of these major sales, then you’ll be able to score designer duds that you thought only celebs could afford. Prices can be 70% off and continue to get marked down as the sale goes on. I’ve only styled with pieces from designers like Doo.Ri, but this week I can actually afford a few for myself, like this cool loopy knit vest that someone nearly took from me while I was trying it on!

I went on the second day and it was already getting picked through, especially in the shoe department. I also found that women were lingering longer than in the past, thanks to the new fitting area that makes it worth it. In previous years, women were stripping in the middle of the space, with their men holding their purses—not exactly ideal shopping conditions!

Though, as chaotic as it may be and unappealing for someone like me who avoids shopping when it’s not for work, it’s always quite exciting to come across these finds that will be a new addition to your closet and will last for years to come.

Warning: If you do decide to brave this sale, or one like it, here are some tips to survive it…

1) Don’t go on the first or last day. Unless of course you don’t mind waiting on lines that can stretch a city block or two just to get into the sale. It’s really not worth it, in my experience.

2) Wear clothes that are easy to try on pieces with (ie, slip on shoes or boots) and undies with some coverage—they finally got a fitting room area, but you’ll be changing with a bunch of other women furiously fighting over the same mirror.

3) Make sure you get your prices checked. I found this vest with a price tag of $169 on it and in the process of trying it off/carrying it to the register, the tag fell off. When they looked it up in their system, they labeled it $79—worth waiting the 10 minutes to get the new tag!

4) Don’t buy something just because it’s marked down. I saw one woman buying the same bag in 3 colors, as she thought it happened to be a good deal, so she needed it in every color. Bad idea. That’s the kind of decision you’ll regret in the morning.

5) Evaluate fit and cost. I tried on a pair of Current/Elliott jeans that I loved, but they were slightly loose in the waist and way too long in the hem. By the time I would have gotten all of these alterations done, it would have added up to a price of jeans that could fit me off the rack.

If you can’t make it to this one, you can probably find some of the pieces on eBay pretty soon or your nearest Barney’s New York Outlet listed here.

Happy shopping!

xo Liz