I’m a sucker for a great manicure, but in this business, it’s rare that I can keep my nails looking good while I’m working. I also usually don’t have the time—or patience—to wait for polish to dry. There’s also something that creeps me out by the chemicals in gel manicures (the one I used to get was more “natural”…but how do you know what that means?).

I recently came across an amazing nail polish line called JULEP that has me totally hooked. I was intrigued by the differently shaped bottles, but mostly because I found out that their products didn’t have the toxic chemicals that most polishes out there have.

Did you know the nail polish you use most likely contains Formaldehyde, among other carcinogens? Gross. JULEP’s polishes are “4-free,” without the 4 most toxic chemicals found in polish. 

It also helped that they started me off with everything a pro would need to get a salon-perfect manicure at home:

-a glass nail file
-base coat
-quick dry top coat
-quick dry drops with lavender
-acetone-free nail polish remover (with the cool top that they use in salons!)
-3 of the latest shades for this season
-cuticle oil
-glycolic acid hand scrub

I was amazed by how quickly everything dried and I was smudge-free within 20 minutes of my first coat! Some chemical-free polishes also can be watery or too matte, but so far every shade has been smooth and even looked better than the designer nail polish my sister was painting on her nails beside me!


Check out the endless amount of shades JULEP comes in!

Overwhelmed? Find out your style online (I’m a “bombshell”) and they’ll select colors based on your style profile!