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With the odd it-could-rain-at-any-minute-weather we’ve been having, I don’t have a some “style candy” for you today—as my friend, Kat, called the blog. I promise to have some more for you soon.

I do, though, want to share with you some of my new favorite products that I’m obsessing over lately!

Moroccan Oil “Glimmer Shine Spray” at Salon De Quartier

Ceramic Sculpture by Mimi Young  /  Photos by Liz Teich

The first, being the product that has transformed my hair completely. From all of the chemicals and heat I abuse my hair with, it’s been looking pretty dull lately. Then Moroccan Oil came into my life.

I don’t usually have the time to sit with oil on my hair for 10-20 minutes, so this spray is a nice compromise. I just give a couple spritzes once or twice a week after I dry my hair. The best part is that it’s naturally made Argan oil and UV filters that give me instant shin and protect against the elements.

Moroccan Oil and Daphne

Speaking of natural products, I just discovered COVERGIRL’s new Nature Luxe mascara and am in love. I always go back to their mascaras after realizing I can’t keep spending $20 every few months on another tube of overpriced mascara. I love that for $9 at the drugstore, I can get something that makes my lashes look like a pro got their hands on them.

COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Mascara

This particular mascara is unlike any I’ve ever tried. It may not be 100% natural, but it is made with less synthetic ingredients than the average mascara, which makes it feel lighter on my lashes and glides on even smoother. It didn’t clump, it didn’t fall onto my face and it was so easy to take off. My hubby even pointed out that he didn’t realize how blonde eyelashes naturally are because I was finally able to take all of my mascara off easily!

I’ll take that as a compliment that my lashes looked amazingly natural with this mascara.

xo DA

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