Usually, most people would agree that the most arduous job on a photoshoot is one of a wardrobe stylist. We schlep, we have to stay organized, and of course we don’t just show up on the day of the shoot, but we spend time prior prepping, often concepting and my least favorite part, the returning/wrapping of it all.


This was not the case for my recent menswear shoot shot by Shannon Greer. His talented partner and artist, Charlotta Janssen most definitely had the most work of us all, creating museum-worthy film noir style sets and even making my job easier with saving me from tying a bow-tie (guys, it’s actually less challenging than it seems!) with a cardboard cut out of one. With such a fantastic crew on this one, we had more fun channeling our inner Bogies and Bacalls than this was actually work for us.








Photography: Shannon Greer
Styling: Liz Teich
Grooming: Sabrina Rowe
Digital Tech: Robert Bredvad
Production Assistants: Eva Marie Lansberry, Paloma Lansberry
Wardrobe Assistants:  Nicholas Adedokun and Morgan Leykam