JOY Beauty Director: Marion Scheithauer
Photography: Florian Innerkofler
Styling: Liz Teich
Hair: Deycke Heidorn
Makeup: Cynthia Sobek
Models: Emma (IMG) & Maxine (Wilhelmina)

My least favorite part of working on magazine editorials is that you have to usually wait months for it to come out. As everyone has been eagerly awaiting the September issues of Vogue and Bazaar (myself included), the September issue of Germany’s popular JOY magazine could not have come sooner for me.

I worked with so many up-and-coming (as well as established) designers in the couple of stories I styled in this issue. In this one, I was so impressed with the designs from Olivier GreenE.KammeyerEleven ObjectsMade Her Think, Beth LaurenDabyaEdderaRebekah Price, and Lyra Lovestar and I couldn’t wait to share them with the world. If you haven’t heard of all of these designers yet, then you should pretty soon.

…And when you’re done checking them out, try out some of these amazing hairdo’s that the hair stylist, Deycke, made it look so easy to do. I can’t wait to try the knotted braid one! How about you?