photography: Shannon Greer
wardrobe and prop stylist: Liz Teich
producer: Annika Howe
creative: AdAsia Communications
hair and makeup: Noelle Marinelli
models: Austin Ku, Anna Swanson, TJ Lillis, and Rachel

We shot this ad back in the end of May on probably the foggiest day I’ve ever seen on the beach on Long Island, not far from where I grew up. Luckily the photographer, Shannon Greer, worked his magic and made it look like the perfect beach day for this family.

It was such a great crew to work with and our mascot of the shoot was that dragon float that you see in the trunk of the car. We all made sure to take photos with it at the end of that day, which you can find on my #Instastyle from that week.

On a side note, I’m thisclose to trading in for a Subaru after this spacious beauty came rolling in from its own trailer (seriously).