Gowanus Fashion

I was scouting for a shoot last night in my neighboring hood of Gowanus. For those who don’t know, Gowanus is quite possibly the most polluted region of NYC. Its center is a Canal that was once used to ship to factories, but now is considered to be toxic thanks to the nearby factories and expressway. It’s even rumored that it’s a mafia dumping ground and the recent hurricane didn’t help the cause.

Whatever it is, there’s something quite beautiful in its decay. It’s no wonder that artists are moving to this area and people are fighting to clean it up.


I probably wasn’t dressed for climbing heaps of trash, but there was something kind of cool how my modern looking outfit juxtaposed with the deteriorating scene.



Beth Lauren Necklace


jacket: Zara / top: W118 by Walter Baker (at Macy’s, similar online) / pants: Topshop / sunglasses: Ray-Ban / booties: DVF  (at TJ Maxx) / necklace: c/o Beth Lauren / bracelets: etc…, Bauble Bar / bag: Alexander Wang

STYLIST TIP: When you’re self-conscious about an area of your body, instead of hiding that part, try garments that create an illusion. I’m personally not a fan of my calves, so these pants make them look thinner because of the side stripe. Same goes if you don’t love your torso or hips, look for dresses, skirts or tops that create a perfect hourglass with side paneling like this.