Pre-fall is the most underrated season of the year. There. I said it.

It’s a lovely taste of things to come and while it’s the underdog of fashion week events, next to pre-spring, it’s one of my favorites to preview in person. Especially when it’s with Rebecca Minkoff. Literally.

Minkoff kindly introduced herself to me as “Rebecca” while she observed everyone marveling over her collection, in a new showroom space, just a block away from her old one, but with far more space and light. Just like her office upgrade, her collection just keeps getting better and better.

The brand has come quite a long way from its signature “Morning After Bag” start, venturing into a full line of accessories, a denim line, and now what may be its strength, a wearable, yet unique, ready-to-wear line.

Inspired by the textile designs of Candace Wheeler, Minkoff took her collection to a more bohemian, eclectic and yet sophisticated place, even developing her own fabric designs for the first time. It was a welcomed departure from the whimsy of her Mexican-inspired spring collection and the darker space-inspired fall collection. Whatever seems to inspire Minkoff each season, the carefree style of her Californian roots always shines through.

Check out some of my favorite picks from the collection including a horse sweater (year of the horse!), the coolest backpack I’ve ever seen, and chic duffels from the men’s line, Ben Minkoff that will make you want to borrow from the boys:



rebecca_minkoff_pre_fall_14_2  rebecca_minkoff_pre_fall_14_5


rebecca_minkoff_pre_fall_14_10 rebecca_minkoff_pre_fall_14_9



See the rest of the collection here.