The Next Thing Since Instagram

The Next Thing Since Instagram

June 26, 2013

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You thought I was going to say Insta-Video, huh? Yes, it was major news last week that Instagram basically crushed the Vine app and created a video component to their own app. This is further evidence of the growth instagram has experienced over recent years. Another example, is the ever-increasing number of people using the platform. People can’t get enough of the app and followers for that matter! It really is no suprised that instagram automation is becoming more popular by the day.

Now that our photos and videos are streamlined, there’s room for a new app you will want to know about:


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Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. This free app (download at lets you “pose” via selfies—just please don’t make that duck-billed face—blog photos or even things you’re selling on Etsy or EBay. Whatever you post, you can tag with the items your wearing so people can essentially shop your pose!

AND you can shop theirs.

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You can shop from stylish closets like everyone from Rachel Zoe to even yours truly. With these little highlighted bubbles, you can see what each item is like shopping from credits in a magazine.

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Then you can post to your social media, email and to the app. It’s essentially the Instagram of shopping—so yet another app like Pinterest that you will find yourself looking at longer than you realized!

“Like” my Pose posts and I will follow you on there. Happy shopping!


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