These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

December 17, 2012

Still scrambling for those last minute holiday gifts?

You’re in luck.

I have a few stylist picks for you from my favorite little local shop here in Brooklyn, aptly named By Brooklyn.

If you’re not in the NYC area, you can still order these online and your loved ones—or yourself (I have/had/given almost all of these)—can enjoy these unique gifts wherever they may be. You can even get pre-made gift baskets for an easy holiday treat.

If you order TODAY or Tuesday, you will get *FREE SHIPPING* on orders over $75 and they will be delivered by Christmas!

Morris Kitchen syrups are perfect for foodies like me that prefer to play mixologist over buying a pre-made mix. I particularly am obsessing over their ginger syrup, which allows me to be creative from making my own gingerale to impressing with a dark and stormy cocktail.

I’m not sure what I love more: this Roaka dark chocolate with sea salt or its beautifully designed packaging. Either way, it will be a hit with whoever you give it to. I received this new flavor of dark chocolate with sea salt for Chanukah this year and am still trying to savor the small bar as long as I can.

The person that receives Mission Feral fig chocolate as a gift will love that not only are they receiving one of the most delicious desserts, but that you’ve also helped contribute to animal rescue organizations. It also happens to be one of the things I would spend the last of my money on in NYC (as I mentioned in this article).

The Good Batch cookies are better than any cookies I could possibly bake—and I take pride in my baking—so I often gift these…and then selfishly beg the person receiving them to share with me.

I recently gave this Brooklyn Slate Co. cheese board as a gift and I am not going to lie—I’m a bit envious. It’s great for those who love to entertain and now they can show off with writing the names of all of the fancy cheeses they serve in chalk. That’s a party I’d like to attend.

I just received this Love Nature NYC candle as a gift and I can’t get enough of it…and I haven’t even lit it yet! I left the cap off and the sweet aroma fills the room. When I do actually light it, I won’t feel guilty because it lasts for up to 60 hours and with a clean burn, as it’s made from all natural ingredients like soy. Even the packaging is recycled, so it’s the ideal gift for a eco-conscious person like me.

How cute is this Lichtenstein-inspired How Could I Ever Leave Brooklyn? tee? It’s new to the shop, so it’s one of the things I don’t own/haven’t tried/gifted…yet…but as a Brooklynite, I’m in love.

This “M.A.S.H.” card by Walk Up Press designed by my dear friend, Elizabeth DiGiacomantonio, is something I love to get for old friends and fill out like how we did way back when. Most likely now we’ve figured out we aren’t living in a mansion, driving a Porsche, or marrying Luke Perry, but we can laugh about the possibilities now. I’m getting all nostalgic just thinking about it.

Just when you think you don’t need another cookbook, The Frankies Spuntino cookbook comes along. My favorite restaurant in Brooklyn—and possibly Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s too—has compiled their recipes, tips, and tricks into this beautiful gilded-edged and embossed book that makes it feel like it’s been passed down for generations, but with recipes that are for these generations.

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