Samantha Rayman’s mom on her wedding day in Melbourne, Australia circa 1965

My mom designed her wedding dress and helped my grandmother make it. The dress was made from Swiss embroidered cotton, and had three tiers, appliqued flowers hand sewn onto each tier. 

Before I tell you what happened to this gorgeous dress, I think you should sit down:

After her wedding day, my Mom dyed the dress yellow, cut it short, and wore it to a party before tossing it in the trash! Sorry for the drama, but can you tell I still haven’t gotten over that? Not very sentimental, Mom! Although you did save all my letters from camp, so that has to count for something!

To this day, my mom is my creative inspiration, designing beautiful hand knitted pieces for her line Rebecca Rayman Handworks (and for those loved ones who drop not so subtle hints!).

Samantha Rayman is not only a hilarious writer with great style, but she is a textile and graphic designer/greeting card entrepreneur/foodie/blogger for The Super Great and resides in NYC. 

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