What A Girl Wants


Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re spending it with the love of your life, with your besties, a fling, or even a pint of ice cream, it’s a day to show your love to others. Instead of flowers (which don’t last long), or in addition to chocolate (a girl can’t get enough), and don’t even think about stuffed animals, try one of these that are sure to be a big hit with her.

C’mon, what girl wouldn’t want jewelry or 30 days of luxurious underwear?

…and if you’re a bestie on a budget this year, blow your pal a virtual kiss by sharing this picture below via Instagram/Facebook/Twitter (press the top and front buttons on your iPhone at the same time to take a screen grab of it) from one of my favorite sites, Quarterlette, that shared it with me to share with you.


Kisses to all of you today and stay stylish!