I’ve been working on styling some fun videos featuring some of my favorite fellow bloggers wearing spring fashion for the past few weeks and I’ve been getting the question quite often of “where do you shop for your own wardrobe?”

The answer: It’s usually just when I’m shopping for a shoot.


Take this outfit for instance; the top, blazer and pants were all finds that I just stumbled upon while searching for other specific wardrobe. I can’t pass up amazing staples like a good blazer that are easy pieces that make me look both professional and comfortable for when I’m working. A good price tag also doesn’t hurt because I’m pretty rough on my clothing on shoots.

Even my assistant this past week found the perfect cotton summer dress while we were scouring through TJMaxx for the latest spring fashion.

That’s how us stylists roll.



coat: Paul Smith (sample sale), jacket: L.A.M.B. (via TJMaxx), top: W118 Walter Baker (similar), pants: Theysken’s Theory (via Gretta Luxe), shoes: Miista (similar), bag: Cambridge Satchel Co., necklace: c/o Beth Lauren, bracelets: c/o E.KammeyerBauble Bar, etc… modern vintage

photos by Joshua Boccheciamp

STYLIST TIP: Look for items that are staples and build your wardrobe around that. A classic coat or jacket are worth splurging on because you can wear them often. Spend less on pieces that are considered trendy or you will wear less frequently.