Living in NYC, I’ve come to realize that a closet is valuable space. No matter where you live, you have to utilize the space as best as you can. With these life hacks for your closet, you can have an excuse to fill it with more shoes or handbags or fill-in-the-blank.


1. Use vintage suitcases and trunks to hold hosiery, scarves, and clothing you want to store from the previous season. You’ll not only save room in your closet, but you’ll have functional decor.


2. Use picture frame wire to display sunglasses in your closet.


Screw in eye hooks like you would on the back of a picture frame and secure the wire.


You can also hang necklaces and create rows of these on the wall or door of your closet.


3. Use vintage or decorative hooks to hang the items you use the most often like your purse, necklaces, robes, etc. They don’t have to match and can look great when you have more variety. You can find great ones from Anthropologie (see below).


4. Use removable shelves (these are from the Container Store) to create tiers in your closet shelves. This helps keep you organized and create more space, like here where the shelf separates purses from clutches.


5. Use decorate bowls and dishes from your kitchen to hold the jewelry you wear daily. This will make your mornings and evenings much easier and prettier.