5 Trends I’ll Be Wearing This Fall (And 5 I Won’t)

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Apologies for being M.I.A. lately, but between styling, summer travels and especially New York Fashion Week, I’m just recovering from the whirlwind of it all. As exhausting as NYFW can be, it’s great to hob-nob with other fashion folk and also get a glimpse of what trends people are actually wearing vs. what we saw on the runways in the previous season.

I can attest that leopard print is this season’s #1 trend and is not going anywhere. Here are some of the trends I’ll be wearing this fall, and others that will definitely be trends, but I just can’t stand by for myself. Of course, it can’t hurt to try something, but I’m all about being trend forward—without looking “trendy.” 



5 Trends I’ll Be Wearing This Fall (And 5 I Won’t)


I think of all the trends I saw in the streets of NYFW, leopard print was the most prevalent. It was everywhere and in every form. To me, it’s not as much of a trend as a classic neutral. It’s perennial and never really goes out of style, so if you’re going to try one trend this season, let it be it—and snakeskin, zebra, and any other animals you can think of.



This was one of those past trends that I never thought would come around again in a big way, but I shouldn’t haven’t given my sister a hard time for hanging on to her square toe Prada heels since the 90’s. I will say that the heels this time around look fresh and not dated. You can try them in many forms including strappy sandals, chelsea boots, and even mules like I did here.



This is another one of those trends that I really never thought would make a comeback, but here I am stocking up on velvet scrunchies on Amazon. I use them daily and the velvet is a nice luxe update for me. It’s an added bonus that they don’t leave kinks or damage my hair at all. I wonder what Carrie Bradshaw would think? As if scrunchies in your hair weren’t enough, you can now wear them for everything from your shoes to your bag



Don’t get me wrong, I still love my layers of dainty gold chains, but chunky vintage inspired chains are all the rage this season and I’m here for it. I’m fine with mixing them with their daintier cousins, but I’ve been having fun layering up a bunch Mr. T style. 



Maybe it’s my love for the 90’s, but I’m a sucker for some marabou trim. I love the comeback this season that has me nostalgic for Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion. I’ve been loving this feather trim tee I scored recently but now I may have to add some more feathers in my life. Just don’t wear it all at once at risk of looking like a costume.






I’m a mom and live in NYC. Give me all the big bags to carry everything in. I’d rather look like a bag lady than carry a tiny trendy purse better suited for a child because it doesn’t fit my iPhone, or even a lipstick! This is the most impractical trend I’ve ever seen, next to the Uni-boot



I like it on other people, but I just can’t get down with this trend myself. My shoulder gets cold. The bra situation isn’t ideal. I can’t help but think of the 80’s in a bad way. My husband calls me Andre The Giant. I’ll just stick with my regular necklines thankyouverymuch.  



Unless I’m camping, I’m going to pass on this one. It’s like making an Old Navy Performance Fleece look high fashion. It doesn’t work. 



No, just no. This never was meant to be dug up from it’s grave in the 80’s. I can show my power without showing it on my shoulders. I will still cut out shoulder pads from vintage jackets. 



Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving this leather everything trend (especially the faux leather ones) but OMG how are people walking around in head to toe leather looks and not dying? I’d be sweating and looking a bit less than fashionable. 


Now that you know what trends I’ll be wearing this fall and what I won’t be, what are you most looking forward to and not?

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DRESS: Ganni | SHOES: old Zara, similar here |  EARRINGS, BRACELETS and TOP NECKLACE: Alex and Ani (c/o) | BOTTOM NECKLACE: vintage | SHELL ANKLET: via Croatia, similar set via Amazon | | SUNGLASSES: Celine | BAG: Loeffler Randall

photos by Michelle Rose Photo



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