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I was away all of last week on a shoot for Reebok and came home so happy to see my dirty, yet beautiful city. There was nothing I wanted to do more—except for catch up on sleep—than to be in Brooklyn. Dressing comfortably and walking around were up there on the list as well.

My new 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target bag kept me casual, yet made me look more polished than I felt after a long week. It also was hundreds of dollars cheaper than my real red Phillip Lim bag (um $35!!!), so it was convenient when I slung it over my shoulder to explore the Photoville exhibition at Brooklyn Bridge Park, as well as the DUMBO Arts Festival, and I didn’t feel bad throwing it down while I sat with friends in the grass after.

STYLIST TIP: When deciding to purchase a knock-off or inexpensive version of a more expensive bag, ask the following (and don’t purchase it if you hesitate on any of these)…

1. If the material is supposed to imitate leather or another good quality material, can it pass for it?

2. Does the hardware look cheap?

3. How is the construction? Does it look like it will hold up over time?

4. Would I still love it if I didn’t know the price?

dear andi sophie hughes ring

pink cameras at photoville brooklyn

photoville brooklyn pink cameras  3.1 phillip lim for target bag


French Connection jacket // vintage tee // J.Brand jeans (similar) // sneakers from TJMaxx // Ray-Ban sunglasses // Nona E. Rose belt // Phillip Lim for Target bag // Silver Continent beaded bracelet (c/o) // etc… watchband bracelets // Sophie Hughes pinky ring