I usually don’t have time to surf the blogosphere, as my job keeps me on my feet all day and far from my laptop. Though, when I find a great blog that I can check out on a rainy day, I can get lost in them for hours.

I recently discovered these two fashionable and fabulous blogs, WOMANISTA and MEREDITH AND THE NEW YORKIE, which are now part of my “daily reads”—which are more like weekly on my schedule—and I feel so honored that they both recently featured me on theirs this past week.


Womanista.com is a site by a Nashville based fashionista, Cassie, that gives an inside look at the latest trends, travel, decor, music, beauty and anything else going on that you may want to know about. From her recent red carpet appearance at the CMA’s to a home DIY how to, you’re going to want to follow what this one is up to next.

I love how real Meredith is in her blog along with her adorable yorkie, Gwyneth. She’s a stylish NYC gal on a recession budget, showing us that a 500 square foot apartment can look like it’s out of a home decor magazine and that dumpster diving for a great DIY is more glamorous than you’d think.