With the #TrendingNow Class at Validus Prep in The South Bronx / photo by Mr. Boccheciamp

I apologize for the absence of my usual Friday post on a flashback style that inspires my own and my work, but, this Friday, I found myself at a great school in the South Bronx called Validus Prep talking social media in a cool class called #TrendingNow, which incorporates new forms of writing  like blogging, tweeting, and other forms of social media. I couldn’t resist sharing it with you, as these kids may be the bloggers of the future, utilizing this platform to further their educations and careers.

We talked about how I use Dear Andi as a hub for all of my other outlets of communication, which leads to letting all of you guys following what I’m up to in the life of a stylist. I then passed out my homemade fortune cookies that I made with actual fortunes–the ORIGINAL form of tweeting.

Please help them get their hashtag of #DeleteTheTweet trending on Twitter and see what these kids are up to.

You can say you knew them when…