Finally, Midi Rings That Won't Fall Off Your Fingers

Finally, Midi Rings That Won't Fall Off Your Fingers

April 30, 2014


I found myself sharing midi-ring* horror stories at the SoHo Grand with the designer Shannon Mikolas of the new Canadian designed and NYC made jewelry line, Maison Antonym. Hers went “I went to shake someone’s hand and the ring came off in their hand!”

Mine was when I went to hail a cab during fashion week, the ring went flying in the air as my hand did and luckily didn’t get run over as I chased it into the street!

As I write this, I just spent literally an hour tearing apart my house looking for the replacement midi-ring that I recently purchased after losing my favorite (and not cheap) one that was customized for my tiny fingers.

Maison Antonym‘s designs cleverly are open, so they can be squeezed to fit and there won’t be midi ring-mishaps as a result. Not to mention, that when the whole midi ring trend does get old, they can double as a regular ring too, so it’s totally worth the splurge. The only drawback is deciding which metal you want to get may be challenging.


The designer, who was actually a former stylist too and has a degree in three dimensional design, looks at jewelry differently than most. The negative space of the pieces are just as important to the designs, hence the name “Antonym” came into play, which is evident in her geometric and modern collection.


The other half of her collection is more inspired by the nature of her life in Northwest Canada and the shapes are much more organic. For the gal who can’t decide on just one statement piece to wear every day, there are these diamond encrusted lockets in this part of the collection actually opens to change your stone depending on your mood or outfit.


Trendy fashionistas will be sure to gravitate toward the geometric collection in the line and are going to want the next trend in jewelry, the palm bracelet—which is essentially the midi ring of the bracelet world.

You can purchase all of these items from this brand new fabulous collection here and layer up those midi rings confidently!


*midi rings, for those who are unfamiliar, sit above one’s knuckle and have been an on-going trend for quite some time now. Try this at home at your own risk (of losing one…unless of course you buy this one).


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