Emily Kammeyer and I trying on crowns from the Virgins Saints & Angels‘ “Once Upon A Time” collection crowns at Selima Optique in NOHO.

 Pieces from the Virgins Saints & Angels’Once Upon A Time” collection launched at Selima Optique in NOHO.

While on my way to see the king of fashion, Marc Jacobs, speak at the 92Y last night, I had the privilege of feeling like a queen for just a moment.

I stopped by the event at Selima Optique, featuring the launch of Virgins Saints & Angels’ fairy-tale-like collection for the new TV series on ABC called Once Upon A Time.”

The collection featured crowns, like the one I was eying like a little girl and ended up trying on in the picture above. They were more playing dress-up for grownups than Miss America.

There were also whimsical statement pieces, where every detail was thought out, like the signature apple you can see on the back of the cuff. Some of my favorite pieces in the collection were the spider themed pendants, which were so creepy, yet so cool.

The designers of VSA achieved their signature Mexican-inspired designs melded together with a dreamy fantasy world that make you feel like it’s okay to play make-believe and dress up like a princess…or an evil queen. Your choice.