#FlashbackFriday – Holiday Movie Inspired Style

#FlashbackFriday – Holiday Movie Inspired Style

December 21, 2012

The holidays are right around the corner and the world did not end today, so if you’re still scrambling to figure out what to wear to all of those holiday and New Years Eve shindigs coming up, take a cue from some of our favorite holiday film characters.

Be sure to shop these looks at the end of this post and comment on what your favorite holiday movie style is…

Bridget Jones not only made a real curvy figure cool in an era of waif-like bodies gracing the silver screen, but she actually made Christmas p.j.’s look cute. While you may be tempted to wear your pajamas out when you don’t feel like dressing up on your week off, try one of these cozy yet chic pajama-inspired bottoms. Pair them with heels an a tailored blazer, along with some holiday bling, and you’re ready to warm up by the fire AND on the dance floor.

Back when LiLo was the adorable girl next door, the ladies of Mean Girls were the girls we all wanted to be in high school—even doing a provocative Jingle Bell Rock talent show dance in these pleather holiday outfits. While I would never suggest showing up to a party like this, there are so many leather/pleather dresses out now that are a sophisticated way to look sexy this season.

Whether you love or loathe Love Actually—and the cheeseball romantic in me cannot wait for this one to pop up on TV—you can’t deny how beautiful Keira Knightley looked in this holiday wedding scene, feathers and all. This holiday, go ahead and embrace the winter white and add a touch of festive feathers in your hair, like this one by Chan Luu’s talented sis, Jane Tran.

STYLIST TIP: Confused on what can pass as “winter white?” Check out the fabric to determine. If it’s a summer-weight fabric like anything linen, guaze, light cotton, chiffon, then you may want to store it. Opt for a heavier fabric like wool, ponte or angora, you’re in the clear…or white I suppose.

Remember that infamous New Years Eve scene in When Harry Met Sally where Billy Crystal professed his love to Meg Ryan? The second most memorable part was that hair—which came a long way from the retro beginning of the film. Want to create full bodied curls for your New Years look? Every hair stylist I work with swear by the “wand” clamp-free curling iron and Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray for some fun waves.

Have a happy and healthy holiday and New Year stylistas!


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