image courtesy of Jonathan Rodriguez

When I recently moved into my new condo in Brooklyn, I was psyched to finally have a separate office space for both my styling and jewelry line, instead of taking over half of our living room with clothing racks, files, bags, etc.

I turned this little lower level nook into my home office space, but found I was using it more as a storage space (thanks to a huge closet) and working upstairs. My office became an after-thought and always “it’s a work in progress” when I gave a tour of my new place. What gives?

IMG_1311 copy

I was totally embarrassed when photographer Jonathan Rodriguez came to take pictures of me and my home, and  realized it was the paint color that was bugging me. I needed something more inspiring and soothing, so this pale gray color did the trick. Less clutter helped inspire as well.

Some of my desk favorites include these cute printed filing holders from the Container Store and this affordable Ikea lamp.

IMG_1314 copy

Speaking of inspiring, an assistant of mine, Brenda of B Designs Interior Decorating, made me this adorable picture as a house-warming gift. It’s the perfect addition to my desk space.

IMG_1325 copy

Any of my assistants know that I’m a sucker for these T.J.Maxx shopping bags. For $.99 each they are a stylish and convenient way to hold all of my purchases for shoots while I trek around the city. I found myself holding up the line yesterday because I just had to have the black and white one instead of a different print that was closer to the register!

IMG_1320 copy

Three apartments in NYC later, and I still can’t seem to get rid of my stack of Vogue Magazines. How very Carrie Bradshaw of me, but perhaps this is getting out of control? Send me your thoughts and ideas!