I just discovered the most brilliant site called STYLYT which lets you, well, style “it.” In other words, YOU can design the next piece for up-coming-designers like the CFDA’s Incubator alums turned indie darlings, Timo Weiland.

You get to pick everything from the colors, fabrics and even little details to make their design your own. If your design is chosen, it’s yours!

If you vote on your favorites, you too get to partake in the fun and get an exclusive discount on the winning design. So seriously, everyone wins (vote for all the “Liz T.” designs on there!).

STYLYT has now given me an exclusive preview for one of my favorite indie accessories designers, E. Kammeyer—which you’ve seen all over Dear Andi. The collaboration comes out on Tuesday but you can get an exclusive members only preview a day early here.

Happy designing!

Let me know what you design by tweeting it to me at @dear_andi and I will retweet it!