#FridayFavorites / @KateSpadeNY @Target @SophieHughes

#FridayFavorites / @KateSpadeNY @Target @SophieHughes

October 4, 2013


You may have spotted some of these gorgeous new 2 Park Avenue Beau bags from Kate Spade New York on some street style snaps over fashion week. I’m not usually one for anything too girly, but then I found drooling over the leopard print and the red & pink Beaus, which are both feminine and a bit of my downtown style. A girl can never have too many beaus, right?


While I sadly didn’t receive one of these gorgeous bags, Kate Spade sent me this adorable USB drive with their signature Beau bag shape. This is definitely the most BEAUtiful thumb drive I’ve ever seen. (Sorry, I had to).


Now that I’m a homeowner, all of my money tends to go to my home, rather than my wardrobe lately, so it was great to see that Phillip Lim’s collection for Target was a price point that I can afford right now…and still looks like the real thing.

Other than the Target logo and me blurting out, “can you believe this is from Target?”, I fooled everyone on a photoshoot the other day with this $35 bag!

While they sold out online a couple of weeks ago, there may be some getting returned at this point because people—who shall remain nameless—bought 9 bags at 6am before they sold out and are now returning the ones they don’t want (or I didn’t buy off them).


This teeny tiny ring from Sophie Hughes was custom made just for me when I was obsessing over the knuckle ring craze. Now that I’m over it, it’s actually the perfect every day pinky ring because you can see both the delicate hand-crafted hammered gold and the pewter colored metal from the side. It’s no wonder why celebs like Rose Byrne are now flocking to this indie classic yet edgy jewelry brand.


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