I’m a little embarrassed by this picture above, to be honest. I’ve lived in my Brooklyn condo for 9 months now and have spent all of my time and money (hence some of my last fall wardrobe that you may be sick of already) updating each room. With summer just around the corner, I’m thinking of getting a cooling system installation, but that’s for another time! One of the first things I did of course was get my internet up and running with a provider like eatel so I could keep you all updated! Unfortunately I wasn’t as prepared with my redecorating! I haven’t gotten around to revamping my bedroom, which remains pretty much in the same state as when I moved in.

This room is a hodgepodge of hand-me-downs like the antique chair that was my grandmother’s, as well as the antique rug and dresser passed down from my mother-in-law. I recently updated the large dresser with a coat of paint and some knobs from Anthropologie, which are always my solution to perk up furniture.

I’m still saving up for the perfect headboard/bedframe, lamps and night stands, not to mention, my much-needed walk-in-closet addition. As you can see, I haven’t even hung much on my walls because I’m not ready to commit to anything until I have a plan of action. I’ve been so focused on the rooms that my visitors see and don’t know where to start on this one!

That’s where Remodo came in.

I was a little bit hesitant at first to have someone else style for me, but I was curious to see other ideas. I did warn my personal designer that I wanted a more adult room than most of their customers, who are often tweens, teens and college students. She listened to that and everything else I requested, including that I didn’t want to re-paint the walls.

Here’s what she came up with:

remodo redesign and style room

Not bad! If only I could replace my tiled floor with that wood!

There were a few items that she hit the nail on the head, like the headboard, which is exactly what I’ve been wanting.

She also opened my eyes to some ideas that I haven’t even thought of like black and white photos over my bed with a Brooklyn theme. It’s very elegant and also very me. A chaise lounge, especially in a chevron pattern, is also a brilliant idea that would be a nice addition for those who spill over from my backyard get-togethers (yes, the door to my yard is oddly in my bedroom).

I’m not sure if the rug is something I’d want in my bedroom–I tend to opt for cooler colors, as they are soothing. Though, I think modern rug would freshen up all of the antiques.

You can try Remodo yourself with these 3 ways:
1. Work With A Designer (fill out a questionnaire and someone will get back to you within a day or two)
2. Be Your Own Designer (design your own room with their library of items)
3. Shop Remodo’s Online Store (shop for what you like. duh.)

Now you can try it for yourself and get 25% off on both the designer package (WWAD2013) and on all Remodo products (Shop10).

Post your room makeover on Twitter and let both Remodo (@myremodo) and myself (@dear_andi) know what you’ve designed!

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  1. If only I had a room like yours. Honestly, you may not be too fond of it but I really love it. It looks so ancient. that antique chair took my breath away. And Honestly, I like your room better than the one you’re hoping to have. But I also like the idea of the black and white photos.

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