One of my favorite parts of styling is finding new and unexpected ways to wear something.

For instance, I once used an E.Kammeyer headband on a shoot as a necklace and it quickly became in demand that way. Now the designer transitioned from hair accessories to jewelry (check them out!).

I even once styled a vintage jacket upside-down on an editorial shoot and it had quite a couture effect.

Then Hipknoties came into my life.

You saw me wear this as a scarf in this post, but I love that there are literally endless ways it can be styled.


To get this dress look, I draped the fabric around me like a tube dress, but then tied the top into a halter with the clever little clear elastics that it comes with.


Next, I gathered the fabric at my waist and then wrapped another clear elastic. The brilliant part is that with the translucent band, it becomes like a seamless bow.


Voila! I made an instant dress from what was a scarf yesterday.


The Hipknoties come in small, medium and large sizes for the different effects you want. I love how versatile the medium size I got was, but I can see the benefits to owning a small (cute little tops, skirts, an effortless scarf and even a turban!) as well as a large (hello maxi dress!).

My suitcase on this trip was pretty light thanks to this handy little piece of fabric and I even got an easy breezy wrap-style top out of it.

Did I mention the HUGE bonus of it somehow not wrinkling??


For instructions on how to style this top, as well as other ideas, check out Hipknoties on OpenSky and let me know if you come up with a new way!

STYLIST TIP: Anything you can wear multiple ways and throughout the year is worth splurging on. You get more for your money that way. Something you can wear as a scarf, top and even dress you will get more wears out of than say, that dress you will spend $300 on and wear to a couple of weddings.