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Even though New York Fashion Week was finally over, another intriguing presentation of a fall collection popped up on Saturday night.

Naked Label debuted their fall “Elements” jewelry collection at the Lower East Side boutique, End of Century. While E.O.C. carries some more established local designers like the clothing label Samantha Pleet and jewelry line, Kiel Mead, it is known for supporting emerging designers that you may get to know. Well, Naked Label is a line you may be seeing everywhere soon enough.

The designer, Allison Press, has a unique vision of combining both organic and futuristic elements—a juxtaposition that somehow creates beautiful synergy. The designer, originally from Florida, mixes her appreciation for nature with what seems like her years of living in NYC.

She mixes traditional materials like metals with vinyl tubing and even some plexi-glass-like material that is made into graphic cut-out cuffs like the on-trend holographic one I had to own and purchased right there (seen on my wrist above with Maria Scali’s blue version).

A closer look at the designs revealed unique details like tubing was filled with colored beads and even line’s label engraved in the same futuristic material used on other pieces.

I can’t wait to get “Naked” this fall. In the meantime, you can check out their spring collection here.


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