In the past decade or so, when any girl moved to NYC—or any city for that matter—it was expected that one would live like she were on “Sex and The City.” In reality, that rarely was the case.

We were broke, lost, and confused. There was no guide to prepare us for what actually happened (ie, NOT living in a rent controlled massive brownstone apartment, going to fabulous parties every night, and meeting a millionaire older man that you serendipitously run into time after time).

Now with shows like “Girls,” “2 Broke Girls” and “The New Girl” it’s okay to be clueless in your twenties. So, how do you get through it?

I recently was interviewed by the lovely ladies of the new online publication, Quarterlette, on how I overcame my “Quarter Life Crisis” (a.k.a. the scariest part of your life…your twenties) and began my career as a fashion stylist in NYC.

Check it out and if you’re in your twenties, I hope this and the rest of the site can give you some guidance to the subject that has been somewhat taboo.

I survived. So can you!