How To Keep Your Socks Up

How To Keep Your Socks Up

October 16, 2013


Maybe it’s the resurgence of 90’s fashion, but it seems that the┬áknee high and over-the-knee sock trend are making a huge comeback.

Are you like me and love the look, but remember spending all day trying to hike them back up or look down and you look like you like a hot Pippi Longstocking mess?


Not to sound all infomercial on you, but now you can solve that problem with this easy styling trick.


All you need is a little bit of this stylist go-to product in your back pocket (or closet or clutch). I prefer the super-strength, which I can almost guarantee to last all day/evening, but you can get the every-day version as well.


Step 1: Fold over the edge of your sock.


Step 2: Apply tape close to the edge, leaving a little space.


Step 3. Fold back over and press to secure. Repeat on back side if needed.


Voila! Now you can do a little dance and dare I say, knock your socks off!

This trick also works for your pesky peds (thanks Janet, who reminded me about this…and now I’m going to have to get some peds instead of going sock-less in the summer!).

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